International Women’s Day 2020

March 4, 2020

As you may know, the 2020 International Women’s Day will take place this Sunday, March 8th, 2019. 

We are encouraging all clubs, players, coaches, volunteers and officials to take part in one (or both) of two basketball related campaigns that are running on the day. 


The Each for Equal campaign is the global symbol of equality being used for International Women’s Day 2020.

How to get involved:

Get the girls and women of your school or club involved in a basketball event on Friday, March 8th. 

During the event, take a photo in a format such as the example that is attached. 

Please note the right hand goes above the left hand in this post.

Tweet/Facebook/Instagram the photo tagging Basketball Ireland (@bballirl on Twitter and basketball_ireland on Instagram) and using the hashtags #EachForEqual #HerWorldHerRules and #WomenInSportIRE with a message about International Women’s Day. 

CAMPAIGN TWO – Show Your Stripes 

The second campaign is part of the 20×20 programme with the Federation of Irish sport. 

Again, it is asking people across the country to show their support for women’s sport. 

The 20×20 campaign is asking you to pledge on social media that you will either:

Attend more women’s games

Promote women’s sport

Or participate in women’s sport in 2020 and then tag three of your friends to get them to pledge also.

You can find out some more about that here:

Don’t forget to tweet/Facebook/Instagram a picture of you or your team stating your pledge and tagging Basketball Ireland (@bballirl on Twitter and basketball_ireland on Instagram), tagging @20x20_ie and using the hashtag #ShowYourStripes #WomeninSportIRE #EachForEqual

 Should you have any questions on the above, please do not hesitate to contact our Women in Sport lead, Mary McGuire, on