Lots of other events coming up but before we get started a quick note as this is really important….

It is vital that you are registered with the club ASAP to be able to take part in games. Click HERE for Registration details.

Boys and Girls Fixtures for November are finalised . You can check HERE for updates.

Championship fixtures also begin in November. Keep an eye on the fixtures page above.

Further out we have the following so check back here often

Under 20 National CUP first round

Boys Under 18 National Cup Click Here

Under 20 National League Games take place in Neptune

Baby Ballers is coming back (November)

We’re also reactivating our old Instagram account.

Bingo Fundraiser for the National Team (November 23)

Flag Day fundraiser for the club (December 13th and 14th )

Mens National Division 1 Games (2019/2020) Click Here

Finally and this is also really important. With so much going on along with training, games for all ages, fundraising , your assistance is always welcome. If you feel you can help out or volunteer please come forward and talk to the coaches or committee.