Policy for Funding of Teams Travelling To Away Tournaments:


The scope of this policy covers any team requesting funding from Ballincollig Basketball Committee for any travel taking place on or after January 1st 2018.


Ensure responsible use of our clubs funds.

Provide transparency to the club and parents on the sources and uses of all funds

Allow all players fully participate on teams regardless of people’s financial situation by providing clear advance notice of upcoming costs.


Requests for Financial Support need to be received by the Treasurer 5 weeks ahead of travel in writing from the Head Coach using the template attached to outline approximate costs.

Advance notice of approximate upcoming costs should be provided to members or their parents in writing 4 weeks ahead of travel, without committing to final amounts but allowing members/parents the opportunity to make staged payments as needed.

The committee will provide a decision on funding within one week of receiving the request.

If the organizing body changes start times within the four weeks the decision may be revisited.

Once known, the team’s contribution should be split evenly between everyone travelling in the official club party of 12 players, 2 coaches and 1 manager.

Parents, other than coaches & managers are responsible for their own accommodation.

Members should be encouraged to use MyClubFinances to contribute their portion at a time and instalment that works for them.

Deadline for receipt of money is 48 hours before departure.

Any bill that can reasonably be paid directly by the club will be paid by bank transfer or cheque, thus avoiding the use of large amounts of cash.

Within one week of returning, the approximate costs and actual costs should be reconciled and submitted to the Treasurer with receipts accompanying any expense over €30.00.

Each decision is unique and will be made on a case by case basis

The contribution from the club will be assessed based upon: Distance to travel, Game Times, Travel times, Numbers Travelling, Competition prestige, Nights away, Players age


Request Date Competition Name 
Team Competition Dates 
Head Coach Location 
1Travel (Bus, Petrol, Aircoach)  Yes / No
2Hotel (*breakdown below)  Yes / No
3Food  Yes / No
4   Yes / No
5   Yes / No
6   Yes / No
7   Yes / No
 Grand Total   

Hotel Breakdown

Room TypeCountNightly RatesNightsTotal
Triple Rooms    
Double rooms    
Single Rooms    
Grand Total   

Committee Decision

Request Date  Treasurer  Total Forecast   Total Actual
Decision Date  Approver #1  Approver #2  Club Contribution