Here is the clubs policy and procedures for return to play outdoors this season..

General Information

For Ballincollig Basketball Club our member’s health is our number one priority. We are all responsible to each other, our friends and families to keep safe from Covid-19. You must be aware that indoor training increases the risk of Covid infection.

Everyone must register for attendance at training with the team’s Coach prior to training. on the day of training.

On the day of training check before leaving home that you are free of Covid symptoms.You Must NOT have any symptoms of Covid or contact with anyone with symptoms or with anyone who had Covid in the last 14 days.

The Covid Compliance officer for the club is to be Liz Giesbers, and can be contacted at

Prior to returning every coach, assistant coach and committee member must complete Sports Ireland Return to Sport course (link below) and send their completed passing certificate to the Covid Officer Email – (as a guide, If you needed Garda vetting, you need to complete this course)

Members and Parents will also be sent this link and it is recommended to take the course, but it is not necessary to send in their certificate to the Covid Officer

Key Points

  • Keeping our members and their families safe
  • Limiting the chances to spread Covid-19 at a Basketball Event
  • Complying with the best practices of HSE, Sports Ireland
  • Small training groups / multiple pods of 15 or less
  • Providing coaches with the information, support and disciplinary back up to run a safe and enjoyable practice
  • Sanitizer at entry/exit points
  • Covid -19 Posters visible at entry and exit points and bathrooms
  • Attendance Record for all training sessions to facilitate contact tracing
  • Regular Reassessment of our policy as NPHET / Government guidelines are updated.
  • The process is valid at the time of publishing but will be updated to reflect latest government / Basketball Ireland Guidance. 

Training Sessions Procedures for Coaches, Players and Parents

1. Everyone will be invited to a training session by their coach / contact person. Individuals need to register and acknowledge that they are attending training – If you do not RSVP you cannot be admitted to training.

You can register online using the following link (details of how to use the app are included at the bottom of this document)

2. Only registered club members will be invited to a session.

3. Car pooling to travel to a session is not advised.

4. On the day of training, each player must must register and complete their own Self Screen at home using the contact tracing app. By a player arriving at the club session you are confirming that you have been screened prior to arrival and that you are not showing any signs or symptoms of Covid-19 and are not feeling unwell in any way. You Must NOT have any symptoms of Covid or contact with anyone with symptoms or with anyone who had Covid in the last 14 days. You must not have any underlying illness that may increase the risk of infection


5. Players and coaches who are returning from overnight travel in foreign countries or from a government designated “Lock down” area must not attend training for 14 days.

6. Players must arrive dressed and ready to play. Each player must bring their own ball , clearly marked water bottle, towel, packet of tissues and, if possible, a small bottle of hand sanitizer also remove every item that they bring to training.

7. Players will wait in their cars or socially distanced while waiting while waiting for training to begin and observe government social distancing at all times.

8. Players who arrive at outdoor training must immediately sanitize their hands.

9. Essential visitors – S&C coach, Physio etc, must pre-arrange their arrival; adhere to good mask and hygiene etiquette. Walk in visitors will not be allowed access the gymnasium. The names and phone numbers of all essential visitors need to be recorded and sent to the Covid Officer via the app

10. To limit your exposure to Covid-19 we are asking parents to not enter the outdoor training area. 

11. Social (Physical) distancing, hand hygiene and good respiratory etiquette should be observed by all (children, parents, coaches and spectators)

12. Discourage unnecessary physical contact, such as high fives, handshakes, fist bumps, or hugs. Suggest alternative ways of celebration or greetings that don’t involve contact.

13. Coaches will record the names of everyone who is at training via the contact tracing app (players, coaches, spectators, injured players, physios, etc – everyone)

14. Training needs to be organized into pods of 15 players or fewer.  These players stay in that pod for the session and may not interact with the other pods at any stage.  There can be multiple pods once sufficient space is available and strict public health protocols are in place.  Latest guidance from BI is here.

15. The Covid officer will maintain a log of all attendees to enable accurate contact tracing should the situation arise. This log will be maintained via the contact tracing app. It is important that everyone use the app for this reason as no other method of recording will need to be maintained. In addition, all data will be deleted automatically after 21 days.

16. High contact areas, door handles, benches etc. and all equipment used during the session must be cleaned with disinfectant at the end of each session. This may be done by the coach or by one pre-arranged helper / parent who is recorded on the attendance record.

17. The last session of each day should seal the rubbish bag

18. If a person displays signs of Covid19 while at training we will immediately finish training and phone all parents to collect their children. Please stay in the close vicinity to the training session

Procedure if a player displays symptoms of Covid-19 at a training session…

Common symptoms of coronavirus include, a fever (high temperature – 38 degrees Celsius or above), a cough – this can be any kind of cough, not just dry, shortness of breath or breathing difficulties loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – Full list below

  1. Immediately separate any child or other person displaying or complaining of COVID-19 related symptoms from other children, parents and spectators by moving that person to one end of the gym/training area (nearest the exit) and all others to the other end.
  2. We will end that session and all parents will be asked to immediately return to collect their child.
  3. Ask this person to wear a face covering if possible or if available provide them with a face mask.
  4. The designated person managing the situation should try to maintain at least 2 metres from the person with symptoms and should wear a face covering and wash their hands regularly.
  5. Provide the ill person with tissues and hand sanitizer and ensure that all tissues are disposed of in a waste bag that can be tied and marked as separate from other waste.
  6. The practice must end, and all players leave.  They will then be contacted and issued instructions per contact tracing guidelines.
  7. If the person displaying symptoms are well enough to go home, arrange for them to be transported home by a family member, as soon as possible and advise them to inform their general practitioner by phone of their symptoms.
  8. If they are too unwell to go home or advice is required, contact 999 or 112 and inform them that the sick person is a COVID-19 suspect.

Additional Reading


The Covid Compliance officer for the club is to be Liz Giesbers, and can be contacted at
If you have any common symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), you should self-isolate and phone your GP straight away to get a coronavirus test. Common symptoms of coronavirus can be found below:
The Return to Sport course can be found online here and the certificate can be sent to our Covid officer.

Last updated – Sep 12th 2021