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Summer Basketball for Ladies:

Saturday Training continues until Sat 24th of June and finishes with an in-house tournament


Summer Scrimmage:

Tues June 13th to Tue July 11th

6pm to 7pm: U13/14/15/16 for 2017 season.

7pm to 8pm: U18/Div 1/ Senior



Pre Season Boot Camp for five week every Tue/Fri starting Tues August !st for U18/Div 1/Senior

End of August in-house tournament. 


REMEMBER: The Best Athlete is made during the off season!!!


Gym Location

Ballincollig Basketball play their home games in the Sportlann of Colaiste Choilm in Ballincollig or Ballincollig Community School -see map on contact page

New members are always welcome  - just come along to training.  The times are posted above

Complaints Procedure

Anyone wishing to make a complaint about any person acting in any capacity for Ballincollig Basketball Club within the context of the club’s Code of Conduct must follow the set procedure.


Submit a report in writing to the Management Committee of Ballincollig Basketball Club who may convene a Disciplinary committee, who will be responsible for dealing with the complaint;

If the complaint involves a minor (a person under the age of 18) the complainer must include the confirmed age of the person involved and the CWO must be notified.

On receipt of a complaint, the Management Committee of Ballincollig Basketball Club will follow guidelines set out in item 5, Suspension or Severance of Membership, of the Constitution



Suspension or Severance of Membership

The Management Committee has the power to terminate or suspend a membership or impose such penalty or sanction as it deems fit for conduct and/or behaviour which, in its opinion, is considered to bring the sport or Ballincollig Basketball club into disrepute.


For the purpose of exercising this power, the Management Committee, having received a report in writing shall consider if the matter is of a sufficiently serious nature, shall appoint a Disciplinary Committee comprising not more than three persons.


The Disciplinary Committee shall provide a copy of the report in question to the member(s) concerned and invite them to attend a meeting of the Disciplinary Committee to offer an explanation of the conduct at issue.


The Disciplinary Committee shall have the power to demand the attendance of the Ballincollig Basketball club member or members, as are required at any hearing and/or investigation.


On completion of the disciplinary process the disciplinary committee shall submit a written report to the Management Committee. The report shall state its finding, conclusions and sanctions, if any, to be imposed.


A member whose membership has been terminated or suspended, or, on who a penalty or sanction has been imposed, shall have the right of appeal to the Management Committee. The written appeal together with a €50.00 fee shall be submitted within seven days of the date notified of the Disciplinary Committee’s decision.


The fee shall be returned if the appeal is upheld.


For the purpose of hearing this appeal the Management Committee shall appoint an Appeals Committee comprising of not more than three members.


No member of the original Disciplinary Committee shall be eligible to be a member of the Appeals Committee.


The findings of the Disciplinary Committee shall be suspended until the hearing of the appeal by the Appeals Committee. The Appeals Committee shall convene a meeting within seven days of receiving the appeal.


The Appeals Committee may confirm the findings and/or the penalty imposed by the Disciplinary Committee or at its discretion reduce or increase same.


The decision of the Appeals Committee shall be final.



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